Beachborough newsletter 4th March 20166

Form VIII Leadership

This week some pupils in Form VIII had the “original” opportunity to experience what being a teacher is like as they took charge of a Pre-Prep 2 PE lesson. The Form VIII’s
“co-operated” in order to plan, deliver and record various Fundamental Motor Skill stations in order that both progression and achievement could take place. After some “reflection” the Form VIII’s could “empathise” with their current teachers as although they didn’t always find the task easy, they “persevered” with the “challenge” and their “resilience” paid off by providing the younger pupils with a worthwhile, enjoyable experience that left them “curious” as to when it could happen again. Thanks go to Pre-Prep 2 for being so accommodating and congratulations go to Emilia H, Izzy C, Charlie F, Ethan R, George K, Charlie D, James F and Kitty J for demonstrating how their intellectual characteristics could be transferred from learning into teaching. Well Done.
Report by Andy Clark