Beachborough newsletter 4th March 2016

Form III Pitt Rivers Museum

On Wednesday Form III travelled to Oxford to visit the Pitt Rivers Museum.

We have been studying Light as our Science topic and went to a workshop based on ‘Light and Colour’. This incorporated not only our work in class on Light but also looked at colour from an Art perspective too. The work shop was divided into three sections. In one we were talking about shadows and materials that allowed the light to go through whereas opaque materials cast a shadow. The children thought about the words transparent and translucent which we will be looking at in greater detail later in the term.

Our second workshop looked at making fire and how early man discovered how to create fire, giving off light as well as warmth. We were a little worried that the guide might actually start a fire but she assured us she wouldn’t! However if you see your children rubbing two sticks together you now know what they are up to!

The final workshop took us to the back rooms of the museum where we looked at making paint from a variety of different natural materials just as the tribes had in Canada when they painted their totem poles. Grinding down rocks and shells with gum resin to form a paint was great fun. There were lots of different colours that they were able to make by using things from their surroundings.

The children were also given the opportunity to walk around the museum and look at the vast collection of objects that General Pitt Rivers put together. If you haven’t been it is worth going as there as so many exhibits to spend time looking at. Form III also spent some time in the Natural History Museum next door drawing and sketching many of the fossils, dinosaurs and animals on display.

The trip was a great success and the museum guides said that the children had been one of the best groups they had had in the museum for a long time and that they were a pleasure to work with. Well done Form III.

Report by Paula Green