Beachborough School Swanbourne Chase run

Great day at the Swanbourne Chase

As well as providing another opportunity for Beachborough’s runners to compete in a field of over 300, the Swanbourne Chase was a chance (knowingly or not) to practice our “Intellectual characteristics”.

The hilly course is demanding and clearly a ‘challenge’ to all competitors. The children pushed themselves hard to achieve maximum points for their team. They clearly ‘collaborated’ in their preparation for the race and showed ‘empathy’ when encouraging one another and opposition with their races.

‘Perseverance and resilience’ are obviously on show during the race but also in the manner that the runners have trained. All the children have worked hard but I am particularly delighted by the determination and improvement shown by Jamie, Charlotte, Harriet, Olivia and Harriet – five children that I would not have described as top runners this time last year. They all had excellent races, with Jamie the top finisher in 6th place.

Angus continues to be a great example to our younger runners and I was delighted that he picked up and individual medal for his very impressive 3rd place. Oliver T ticks the ‘originality’ box for his strategy of arriving 5 minutes after his race had started and then joining in to complete the course well.

On the journey home we ‘reflected’ on a good afternoon’s running and the children were ‘curious’ to know their places and times to compare them to previous efforts. They should be proud of their hard work and success particularly (as it was pointed out by Mrs. Moffat) that had there been an overall prize Beachborough would have been a very close second to being the most successful school there – not bad as we were certainly amongst the
smaller ones. Conemur Tenues Grandia.

Junior Girls: 5th from 15 teams (90 runners) – Florence (16th), Harriet E (19th), Hattie (27th), Olivia (36th), Lottie (42nd), Harriet P (47th)

Junior Boys: 2nd from 13 teams (80 runners) – Henry (4th), Oliver H (9th), Adam (10th), Edward (19th), Josh (24th), Magnus (46th)

Senior Girls: 3rd from 10 teams (64 runners) – Holly (7th), Kitty (10th), Emilia (12th), Charlotte (18th), Pippa (21st), Izzy (34th), Sophie (41st)

Senior Boys: 4th from 14 teams (84 runners) – Angus (3rd), Jamie (6th), Benedict (29th), Will (40th), Oliver T (79th*), Toby (DNF)

Report by Jack Phillips