Beachborough School Brackley

Form III & IV Discovery Lecture ‘A VIP in Brackley’

On Tuesday, Linda Carter came to speak to children in Forms III & IV about her work as Brackley Town Clerk. She brought with her an unusual, long and very heavy case that sat on the table willing us to open it and see what was inside!

After an interesting discussion on what we thought Linda did each day, she put on her robes that she wears for meetings and formal occasions and then the case was opened to reveal a glittering and rather spectacular looking mace. Engraved on the mace were the words ‘Presented to the Corporation of Brackley on the occasion of H.M. King George V
Silver Jubilee 1935. The children enthusiastically passed the mace around, marvelling at the engravings and patterns until they heard that it was insured for £20,000 and then it was handled considerably more carefully! The children were fascinated to hear that the mace, although carried by the mace bearer today, was in fact used as a weapon in the past to protect the Mayor.

The children asked some searching questions including ‘What is your greatest achievement’ to which she answered; “I had a real sense of achievement after developing a much needed Youth Town Cafe in 2006 for young people in Leighton Buzzard”. More recently Linda has been involved in the planning of the new development to the north of
Brackley and converting the old Fire Station next to the park in Brackley into a Community Room for many groups to use as well. She told us that the Town Hall is going to close soon for a 3.3 million pound refurbishment including a ballroom and accommodation for visitors to Brackley. Linda has an important and interesting job where no two days are the same so we were really lucky to have her come and share her experiences with us on what had been a very busy day for her in her office. Thank you very much Linda.

Our next Discovery Lecture ‘The Future of Food, Edible Insects!’ is on the 1st March when we will be finding out which insects we can eat and possibly tasting some too!

If you would like to talk to the children on a subject of interest to you, or about your job or perhaps you know someone who would give an inspiring lecture, please contact Mrs Sanders