Beachborough Book Signing Anna Howard and Sarah Mackie The Glass Tear and Out of Time

Exciting Beachborough Bazaar news update

We are delighted to welcome two local children’s authors, our very own Anna Howard and Sarah Mackie for a unique book signing opportunity as part of our Children’s Fair at this year’s Beachborough Christmas Bazaar, being held at school on Saturday 21st November, 10.30am to 4.00pm.

Children are warmly invited to come and meet Anna, who will read from her new book ‘The Glass Tear’, and Sarah who will read excerpts from her exciting new book ‘Out of Time’.

Anna’s beautifully written ‘The Glass Tear’, finely illustrated by Fran Evans, captures the timeless quality of childhood imagination and the lovely Pembrokeshire coast. In an old tea caddy, wrapped in a piece of silk, lies a piece of frosted glass, shaped like a perfect tear and swirled with all the colours of the seascape. What is it? Where did it come from? In her spidery writing, on tissue thin paper tucked away in the corner of the box, Bron tells the tale of a day like no other when a glass tear landed with a ‘thwump’ in her lap – and nobody believed her story of what lay hidden in a cave on the beach beneath her home. This is a book for children and adults to treasure, to share and enjoy.

In ‘Out of Time’ Sam Bentley arrives in 2015 by accident, having travelled in time from a future that has been devastated by the Great Surge, a weather event so vast that it wiped out eighty percent of the world’s population in just twenty-four hours. Separated from his parents and younger sister Daisy, Sam must convince his great grandfather, Edgar Davenport to help him build a time machine so that he can return home with vital medicine to cure his sister. Sam must cope with missing his family, while learning to fit in to a very different sort of world, without revealing his secret or disrupting the timeline. But what will Sam do when he comes face to face with the man responsible for the collapse of civilisation as we know it? This brilliant adventure is aimed at the gaming generation and is a must for all children 9+ to enjoy.

AND if this isn’t exciting enough, on the same day two of Santa’s reindeer will also be making a special stop at our Santa’s Grotto for a couple of hours, before they have to fly off back to the North Pole.

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