Chappells Dream3

Chappell’s Dream

It was the turn of the parents in Form V and VI to be wowed this week by a spectacular performance of Chappell’s Dream.  Michael Ridley and I wrote Chappell’s Dream for the school’s centenary celebrations in 2010 – a history of the school in the form of a dream experienced by its founder, Frederick Chappell. Back then we performed it with four year groups: doing it this year with only two (V and VI) was something of a challenge! Adam Loader, Emily Banks, James Ostendorf, and Henry Howard were the “Gilbert and Sullivan” characters who lead Chappell through his dream, while James Barker, Harry Fellingham and Charlie Ford portrayed the great man himself at different stages of his life. There are too many other characters to mention, but well done, all of you! The original production finished with Mr Whybrow as headmaster, but of course things have changed since then and so a new ending had to be written showing Mr Banks as headmaster! Music is very important in Chappell, and I am grateful to Mrs Dunkley for working so hard on this, training singers and accompanying songs. Mrs Gross helped out with the dance movements. My thanks go to Mr Philips for his indispensable technical expertise with lighting and special effects, and to Mrs Oram, whose wonderful costumes always make the plays at Beachborough look so good. Chappell’s Dream has some quite demanding scenery too, and I am very grateful to Mr Smith for reconstructing his masterpiece- the original Beachborough summerhouse- for this production, along with Chappell’s study and a substantial chunk of the western front!  Thank you to all to all involved for working so hard on this memorable production.

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Report by Nigel Timms – Head of Drama