Beachborough Talent Show

Form IV Britain’s Got Talent Show

Move over ‘Britain’s Got Talent!’ there’s a new show in town! Last Friday saw the pilot of a quite incredible show which is set to take the country by storm – Form IV’s Got Talent!

The tone of the evening was set by the phenomenal Clara who sang beautiful as she played the piano. Zac thrilled the audience with his death defying balancing act on an enormous yellow ball, while Samuel displayed supernatural powers as he played the piano – blindfolded!

Beachborough’s budding sport’s commentators: Oli L, James and Ben kept us enthralled as they replayed the top five best football goals ever, with a surprise goal in the number one spot! And Matilda P delighted us with her clarinet solo.

The talent didn’t stop there. Next up were Ele and Sophia who performed a wonderful duet with voice and piano. Keira, Izzy M, Louis Ford and Issy B were hilarious in their acting sketch and we’ve had reports that the Royal Shakespeare Company have already been in touch.

The next Jamie Cullum– Cameron played a marvellous jazz piece on the piano and Ollie and Ben offered the audience a rubix cube challenge. Unfortunately, Ollie T suffered some technical difficulties on the night when his cube decided to dismantle itself – twice!

The evening then proceeded with a cartwheeling dance act by the wonderful Gemma A, Clara, Jemma Z, and Lauren. Daniel’s unaccompanied solo brought a tear to many an eye while Harvey and Samuel’s ‘supposedly funny play’ was hilarious!

The penultimate act of the evening saw Pippa, Issy D, Lucie, Olivia, Mattie and Ele show just quite what acting talent we have at Beachborough! The evening was finally brought to a close by the gorgeous boy band ‘Lip Synch’ made up of Benedict, Henry, Ali, Joseph, Tom and Jack. One Direction have nothing on you boys!

It was an amazing evening and Form IV should be congratulated on raising a whopping £261.81 for the charity Green Fingers. Watch out for the video coming soon!

Report by Anna Howard