Beachborough Stowe School Recorder day

Stowe Recorder Day

On Tuesday a group of children went to the Stowe Recorder Day. This was a great day all round and fun to play a few pieces with so many recorders. We began by learning three pieces ‘Put A Little Love In Your Heart’, ‘I’m a believer’ and ‘Rocking Robin’. Later on Pierz Adams (one of the best recorder players) gave a short concert where he played lots of different recorders including the very first type, which was made from a ram’s horn. He talked about the history of the recorder and told us that the recorder got its name from the old meaning of ‘to record’ which meant ‘to sing like a bird’ which was very interesting. In the concert it was amazing to have such an amazing recorder player play to us. He played some fantastic pieces where you were just thinking “WOW.” We also had a chance to play in a master class to Pierz. This was a fantastic experience where he showed another way to make your playing more expressive. We then learned a piece where Pierz narrated a story and we gave the sound effects using our recorders which was really fun. We also learned another piece of music which was also really fun. The day was finally rounded up with a concert where we showed the parents all that we had learned. Overall the day was a great experience and lots of fun.

Report by Venetia – Form VI