Beachborough Local Environment

Pre-Prep 2 Explore Our Local Environment

In Pre-Prep 2 the children are exploring ‘Our Local Environment’. They are studying local industry and last week they were visited by the National Compliance Manger of SugaRich who gave a fascinating talk. SugaRich takes surplus food and turns it into animal feed for cows, sheep, chickens and pigs. Last year Westbury SugaRich produced the same weight in animal feed as 11,067 double-decker buses! Packaging is recycled to make a product that is used in the generating of electricity. The factory is not allowed to operate if the wind is blowing at a certain speed and direction twice within half an hour. Yesterday William and his Mummy told us all about Dairy farming just 4 miles from the village. It was interesting to find out how the farm has been run by seven generations, how many cows there are on the farm and how they produce their own animal feed. William said that next time you are in a well known coffee shop in Brackley, you will be drinking milk from his farm in your coffee or hot chocolate! The children watched in amazement as William’s mum made butter from cream and after tasting it, they decided it was much better than shop bought butter. Report by Verity Sanders