Beachborough Nursery Bugs

An exciting week in Nursery & Kindergarten

On Monday morning we made a wormery using gravel, soil and sand. During the afternoon we had great fun in the garden using water and bubbles to entice worms out of the ground. The children handled the worms with care and added them to our wormery. During the week we have been watching them weaving and burrowing through the sand and soil. Later in the week, to further support our topic on Mini-Beasts Annabel’s Mummy joined us at circle time. She brought with her various species of pond life which included water boatmen, water snails, nymph flies and their larvae, shrimps and an enormous water beetle. The children used nets to catch these creatures and a magnifying glass to observe them more closely. This was a great learning experience enjoyed by all and we would like to say a big thank you to Annabel’s Mummy. Report by Val Holloway