Beachborough PP1 Visit Botanical Gardens Oxford

PP1 Visit the Botanic Gardens in Oxford

On a gloriously sunny day, the Beachborough PP1 explorers, set off on a trip to the Botanic Gardens in Oxford. To explore the tropical rain forest, the arid desert and life in water,all in one day and through the life of plants. Our Guide took us into the tropical glass house first, where we thought about which food might be provided by the plants there. The clues next to the plants were intriguing, everything from chocolate to cotton and coconut to cactus candy! Everyone was surprised to see that bananas grow upwards not hanging down and that pineapples grow on bushes not from trees. We moved outside to look at the herb garden where we handled and sniffed herbs. The favourites being rosemary, as we all recognised it from roast chicken Sunday lunches, and mint from mint sauce and toothpaste! After eating our packed lunch on the lawn in the sunshine, we took the ‘Waste lunch Challenge.’  We put any fruit and vegetable cores and peelings into one bin, recyclable waste in another and rubbish in another. These were then weighed to see if we had brought and eaten lunches that were as eco-friendly as possible. Well done to everyone, who proved to be very good recyclers.
Report by Jessica McNally