Beachborough Bloodhound Fieldtrip 2

Form V & VI Bloodhound Fieldtrip

On Monday 20th April, a group of Beachborough pupils had the privilege to learn about the Bloodhound SSC. For those of you who don’t know, the Bloodhound is a car which is being designed to break the land speed record and is being built in England.

We found out that not only do they have to conquer the challenge of making a car reach speeds of 1000mph, they also have to spend 3 months in the desert. We spent the whole day at Bicester College learning all about it – helped by members of the Bloodhound Education team.

Our first task was to design a camp for 100 people to live in during the 3 month
period. We had to think outside of the box but still be realistic. One of the challenges we had to face was the need for electricity. There were many ideas, ranging from solar power to people pedalling on bicycles.

Our second activity was to analyse and understand the way that the Bloodhound works. We found this very interesting, and learnt that surprisingly, we wear the fuel that makes the Bloodhound work – rubber! We also tested to see if we had the quick reactions you need to be the driver of the Bloodhound. Unfortunately, this proved to be very tricky! Adam and Venetia were lucky enough to experience what it is like to be at the wheel in a simulator.

Our third and final project was to create a K’Nex car, fitted with a plastic tube which we filled with compressed air to power it. Whichever group was the fastest of the day would have their names written on the tail fin of what is soon to be the fastest car on Earth. The VIth form Scholarship group and Ollie T, who had been doing so well in the test runs, received a devastating blow which left them in 4th place at the end of the day. Nevertheless, the other Beachborough team, the Beachborough Bloodhounds, went on to snatch 1st place and the coveted space on the tail fin! Well done to Charlie F for his great design of the Beachborough Bloodhound.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day, and we were all inspired by what we learned.

Report by Sophia and Alexandra M, Form VI