Beachborough Bloodhound Fieldtrip

Form I & II Bloodhound Fieldtrip

A selection of children from Form I and II were also invited at the end of the week on the Friday, for a session with Bloodhound geared at Key Stage 2 children.

A similar experience was had by these children as for those who went on Monday but they got to see 3D Printing at work and made their own 3D models. Many children got up to 1000 mph in the simulator and the three girls Jenna , Rosie and Clementine constructed their race car from K-nex and their model managed to travel 8m in 1.2seconds, without falling apart which many of the others did! This made them the winners of the day. Each girls name will appear on the fin of the actual Bloodhound car as is sets out to break the speed record which currently stands at 763mph. Thank you to all who made this day possible.

Report by Paula Green