Beachborough Scholarships

Scholarship announcements

Continuing our series of articles celebrating scholarships awarded to pupils at school we are thrilled to announce more awards this week. Our first congratulations must undoubtedly go to Tabitha in Form VI. Tabby has been awarded an All-Rounder Scholarship which recognises her academic worth and also includes a swimming scholarship as a specialism. Tabitha is a real role model to every child managing to maintain a rigorous swimming training session alongside a heavy academic workload. Daniel in Form IV has been offered a music scholarship to Akeley Wood School, Daniel has worked very hard over the past year sitting entrance exams for several schools and he should be proud that his musical talents have been recognised with this prestigious award. Cameron is another Form IV boy whose talents, this time academic, have been recognised by Abingdon with the offer of an academic scholarship. Cameron has also been offered a place at The Royal Grammar School, Guildford which is recognised as one of the most academic schools in the country. Other notable successes this week must go to Ben in Form IV and Adam in Form VI who have both secured places at MCS. Ben should be proud as he has worked extremely hard to gain his place, which he will take up after Common Entrance at 13. Adam initially failed the entrance exam to MCS in Form IV but rather than feel hurt and rejected he used it as a catalyst to listen to the teachers about the areas that needed improvement. Not only did Adam go on to pass into MCS the following year but he has followed the scholarship path ever since and has now been offered an unconditional place allowing Adam to remain in the scholarship group at school and pursue projects outside of the CE curriculum. We are very proud of you all, well done!

Report by Dan Gross