Beachborough Reception visit farm

Reception trip to the farm

On Wednesday we went to Mr and Mrs Fuller’s farm. We went into a barn to see the sheep that were waiting for their baby lambs to arrive. We then went into another barn where the sheep were in pens with their lambs. Some of the lambs were being fed their milk from a bottle and we had a go at holding and feeding the lambs. We also helped to feed the sheep. After feeding the sheep we went to explore the farm and saw different types of machinery that is used on the farm. Mrs Fuller showed us some of the corn that had grown in the fields and we thought about the things that corn is used to make. Thank you to Mrs Fuller for making our visit so special.

We saw the sprayer that gets all pests off the corn growing in the fields – Violet

I enjoyed feeding the lamb with the bottle
– Isabella

I like stroking the lamb, it felt smooth and hard
– Ruby

My lamb stayed very still when I was holding
and feeding it. The lamb drank his milk quickly
– Samuel

I had to hold the lamb carefully, so that it didn’t get hurt – Henry

The lambs were jumping around their pens – Jack

The lambs were shivering because they were a little bit frightened – Mollie and Freia

When Penny was holding the lamb it started to lick my face – Xavier

Report by Aimee Rowlinson