Beachborough Creative writing

Form IV Creative Writing

Form IV (English, Ox.1 and 2) made the most of a beautiful Tuesday morning this week and went in search of inspiration for piece of writing entitled ‘The Coming of Spring’. Their challenge was to write using sensory imagery and figurative language. Mrs Howard was so delighted by her set’s work that the pieces have been copied out beautifully and will be given to a few lucky mothers this Sunday. Although all the writing was excellent, Mrs Howard was particularly impressed by Louis F, Alistair L, Oliver L and Jemma Z.

Spring is Nearly Here

I walk out onto the lawn and I can smell the fresh green grass, just cut. The ground is cut in straight lines.

The sun is shining like a firework exploding in the heavens and the clouds look like they are watching. In the grass, the dew is glittering like broken diamonds. The trees reach out their bare branches, their crooked fingers. The sticky buds are swelling up as if they’ve
been hurt and germinating seeds hide from jackdaws.

You can hear the bumping of the lawn mower going up and down and Mr Smith calls across the lawn. The birds chant through the dappled woods.

But now, time is up, and I stumble back, into the dusty classroom.

By Oliver (Form IV, Ox.2)