Beachborough Treasure Island

A Memory to Treasure

Arr, me hearties! Me heartiest congratulations to Forms III and IV on their production of Some Treasure Island. Of all the plays I’ve written, this one has been performed the most times, in many schools (I’ve directed it myself five times!) but I shall always treasure the memory of this week’s performances. What a brilliant, enthusiastic cast form IV were in the main characters, and what wonderful creative input there was from form III with their funny improvised sketches. As usual there was great support and help from Mrs Oram with costumes, Mr Southwick and Mrs Hodgkinson with painting, Mr Philips with light and sound effects, and Mr and Mrs Smith keeping it together backstage! And of course it was a Beachborough first for Mrs Dunkley, in the musical hot seat (or should I say, on the hot piano stool!) for the first time. Many thanks to her!

So that’s it- my last Beachborough Junior Production is over, and I shall treasure the memory of it. But I’m not done for yet, Jim lad, no by thunder! Farewell Treasure Island, here’s to Chappell’s Dream! Senior production ahoy! Arr!

Report by Nigel Timms

Photos will be available to view in the gallery on Monday