Beachborough Scholarships Awards Bloxham Stowe School

Scholarship announcements

This week a huge congratulations must first go to Venetia who has been awarded the Headmaster’s Award. This award is the top award a child can get at Bloxham and it is in recognition of achieving scholarships for Sport, Music and Academics. I know Venetia is a very humble and unassuming individual but in this case she deserves to be in the spotlight! Harry also deserves great praise for receiving an Academic Scholarship and also a Sports Award. Harry has worked very hard this year and is an example to all on the sports field and in his diligence and focus in preparing for the Academic Scholarship. Moving into the Arts, Emma is one of the finest musicians I have ever heard at Beachborough and rightly deserved her Music Scholarship to Bloxham. She is another shining example to all our pupils who aspire to great things musically proving that talent and hard work reap rewards. I have always enjoyed watching James B in school productions and his talent has been recognised by Bloxham in receiving a Drama Scholarship. This is a new award and his success should inspire budding Beachborough thespians for future years, well done James! Our final congratulation this week must go to Emily who has received the Headmaster’s Award to Stowe, this award recognises Emily’s talents as an “all-rounder” and anyone who has heard her sing, perform on stage, or on the games field will agree it is very well deserved. More scholarly announcements next week!

Report by Dan Gross