Beachborough School IAPS Pre Prep Leadership Conference

IAPS Pre-Prep Leadership Conference

This week Mrs Banks has been the conference director for this year’s IAPS Pre-Prep Leadership Conference.  Her focus was to provide informative, current speakers on what she believes are three main elements involved in leadership within a Pre-Prep department: celebrating, exploring and reflecting on the demanding and diverse role of Pre-Prep Leaders. The conference enabled delegates to take away new ideas that are both theoretical and practical, ensuring there is up to date information on current trends and changes in the Pre-Prep world. The conference also had ‘drop in’ sessions that focussed on different areas of school life and Mrs Banks was delighted that Mrs Dowson was able to lead a ‘drop in’ session on assessment and planning in Pre-Preps.  Anne Widdecombe was the after dinner speaker at the conference dinner and she regaled the audience with a humorous talk about her life in parliament and her time on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’!