Beachborough Oxford Natural History Museum

Reception Trip to the Natural History Museum in Oxford

We boarded the coach and set off for the Natural History Museum in Oxford this Tuesday. When we arrived at the museum we spotted some large dinosaur footprints in the grass and compared the size of the footprints to the size of our feet, we decided that the dinosaurs had very big feet!After we had left our bags and coats in the lunch room, we went to meet Chris. Chris read us a story called Dinosaur Stomp and started to tell us lots of things about the different types of dinosaurs. We were able to touch the very first piece of fossilised dinosaur found, tail bones from dinosaurs and even fossilised dinosaur skin. We looked at some dinosaur footprints and worked out that the dinosaur would have been about the same size as Joseph Perks and that the adult dinosaur would have been taller than the school.When we had finished working with Chris, we went on a dinosaur hunt around the museum. We found lots of different types of dinosaur skeletons, fossils and models. We also explored the other areas of the museum and thought that the glow in the dark crystals were amazing.After our yummy picnic lunches we got back onto the coach and came back to school.Report by Aimee Rowlinson