Beachborough Naughty Nought

Naughty Nought!

Form III have been learning how to do long multiplication this week using the Beachborough naughty nought method. The prep challenge for them all was to design a wanted poster for this mischievous character, which had to also include an explanation of the process of calculation. The posters were then peer judged by the year group and congratulations go to:

  1. Olivia Scott-Copley … for 1st place
  2. Emily Sutton … for 2nd place
  3. Harriet Ellis … for 3rd place

The following pupils were awarded Highly Commended:
Harry Wood
Faith Franklin
Olivia Mossman
Ted Epps
William Nottage
Matthew Hunter
Luka Daniels

The overall standard of work was high and a big well done goes to everyone for the imaginative crimes (such as rubbing all the credits off the credit board or squirting Mr Banks with a water pistol) and rewards (such as choosing your own lessons for a week or anything made of chocolate)! Report by Karen Berrington