Beachborough School Leicester National Space Centre

PP2 Visit the National Space Centre

On Wednesday 14th Janaury the children in PP2 excitedly set off to Leicester to extend their knowledge of the solar system and travel in space to support their topic work in class.They explored the exhibits and enjoyed the freedom to discover for themselves. The noise from the launch pad was deafening but exciting. Going up in the lift to see just how high the rocket ‘Thor’ was, really brought things into perspective.The Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium was a highlight and despite feeling as though you were spinning around in space it was a most informative and thrilling ride. The virtual tour showed the children what it would be like to train as an astronaut and how the body adjusted to zero gravity.In the afternoon the children took part in a ‘Rocket Building Workshop’ and launched their rockets towards the moon. Hardy successfully landed his rocket on the moon whilst others shot off to Mars and beyond! Report by Verity Sanders and Sue Guilder