Beachborough School Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum

Form II visit Birmingham Thinktank

On Monday 12th January, Form II went to the Birmingham Thinktank. It was probably one of the best school trips I have ever experienced. We learned many different things about recycling, electricity, and our bodies through experiments and workshops.In the electricity workshop we learnt how a plasma ball works and how electricity always wants to get to the ground. They taught us how electricity can jump from one object to another using a Van de Graaff -generator. We made a human circuit with Lottie dressed up as a battery to power the circuit, Freddie holding a speaker, two other children were a switch and the others were the wires. When the circuit was complete, the speaker played music but when the switch was off it made a gap in the circuit and the music stopped.In the second workshop, we learned about materials that are magnetic and those which aren’t. We also learned that friction can help us decide which materials to use for certain things. For example, rubber has a lot of friction, which is why you often see it used for the soles of shoes.There was also time to explore the museum where we found out lots of other facts including how a recording on a camera can be sent up into space and sent back down to your TV at home.This trip was a massive success and everybody in our year loved it. I would like to thank the teachers for organising such a fun and educational day.Report by Lucy Burnham (Form II)