Discovery Lecture ‘Black holes and Galaxies’ Tuesday 13th January

The first Discovery Lecture of 2015 is planned for Tuesday 13th January at 5pm. It will be an amazing chance to observe the night sky and learn all about black holes and galaxies. We are very fortunate to have Professor Matt Jarvis from Oxford University coming to talk to the children about the different kinds of telescopes we use to look at the sky and how we can learn about planets, stars and other galaxies using these telescopes. He will be providing an overview of the vast distances that we can see galaxies out to and compare this to distances that we are used to using on Earth. Finally he will provide a look into the future and what telescopes we will be using in the next decade or two.

We would like to invite all children in Forms I and II and extend a special invitation to Pre-Prep 2 (who are doing a topic on Space this term) to our fourth Discovery Lecture.

If your child would like to attend this Discovery Lecture please email Mrs Sanders . (This lecture is optional and free of charge.)

Date: Tuesday 13th January
Time: 5.10pm – 6pm
Venue: The Theatre and Lawn
Bring warm clothing.