Beachborough Christmas in the Trenches

A chilly Christmas 1914 in the trench!

Form I and II were treated to an unusual Discovery Lecture on Thursday night when they followed Mr Sanders down to the trench in the dark. The trench was lit with lanterns and the children listened to stories of soldiers making new friends and difficult decisions. They were warmed with mugs of hot chocolate and received a 1914 Christmas present of chocolate and fruit cake. Mr Sanders showed the children a Christmas tree just like the ones the German soldiers had in their trench and read a poem that made us all think how lucky we were to be in the trench only for just an hour! Well done to all those Form I and II children that attended our third lecture this term. Look out for the next three, when you can find out all about ‘Black Holes and Galaxies’ in January, ‘The Lily Foundation’ in February and ‘Force India’ in March. Report by Verity Sanders