Beachborough WW1 workshop with St James and St Johns Primary School

St James and St John’s Primary visit Beachborough’s trench

The Beachborough Community extends beyond pupils, parents and teachers. Our school is set at the heart of Westbury Village surrounded by farmland. This year, to commemorate 100 years since the start of WWI, we built a trench that was used extensively during a week of activities enriching pupils knowledge and understanding of The Great War. The trench remains as a memorial to those who gave their lives, part of the villages remembrance service included visiting the trench and listening to a talk from Michael Sanders, Head of History, focussed on members of the village and their families affected by the war. Yesterday  pupils from St James and St John’s Primary visited the trench and exchanged letters with our pupils as if they were writing home from the trenches of the frontline and in return receiving letters and Christmas cards from loved ones. Not only did it bring alive how families and soldiers were feeling but also a marvellous chance to meet and share work with pupils from the wider community. Mr Gross, Deputy Head (Curriculum) says “Seeing what a wonderful resource the trench has been for our pupils made it apparent that it should be used by other pupils from surrounding schools. The First World War is an important part of our national history and I was delighted that St James and St John’s CE School accepted our invitation for their pupils to experience life in the trench and exchange letters with our y6 pupils.”