Beachborough Pre-Prep Karate

Karate in The Boardman

Congratulations to all those children who received their Karate Grading Certificates and belts in Assembly on Tuesday. Mrs Banks was very proud to shake hands with no less than 40 of the 45 children who participate in Karate classes each week at Beachborough.From Reception through to Form II, both boys and girls can now wear a wonderful array of coloured belts to their lessons. An astonishing 12 children were awarded 10th Kyu blue belts, 6 children were awarded 9th Kyu red belts, 11 children were awarded 8th Kyu orange belts, 2 children were awarded 7th Kyu white/yellow belts, 6 children were awarded 7th Kyu yellow belts and 3 children were awarded white/green Kyu belts. A huge achievement, well done to you all. Next term Parents are invited to watch their children participate in a group demonstration during the Boardman Co-Curricular Open Week in March.Report by Verity Sanders