Prep-School reading cup final winners

Harriet Wins Reading Cup Final

On Thursday afternoon Ben Groom and Harriet Papworth, the two finalists of the Reading Cup, were presented with their reading and had forty minutes to prepare…….

They both worked hard in separate rooms reading aloud a section from the Children’s Classic “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”. At 3:15 they walked into the Old Library and faced the Judges consisting of seven members of the Governors including Christopher Hobson, the inspiration behind the award. Both children read with clarity, expression and timing bringing the characters of Aslan and others alive for all in the room. The tension was high as they were asked to leave the room and the judges scores were totalled up. Each judge had to give a mark out of 15 and remarkably the scores were separated by just half a mark! Congratulations to Harriet for coming out on top and a very well done to Ben for being an extremely gallant 2nd place.
Report by Dan Gross