Discovery Lecture

Form I and II Discovery Lecture

On Wednesday Mrs Jo Colwell talked to the children in Form I and II about their own special spaceship! We are hurtling through space on planet Earth and need to look after it, just like we would look after a car that needs servicing. Jo made us think about the energy we are using and how we can conserve energy and recycle. From switching off the lights to growing your own vegetables, we can all do it. There are opportunities to recycle in almost everything we use and some amazing things you can do with newspaper! With Jo’s support we are going to look into becoming an Eco School and doing our bit to save the planet. A huge thank you to Jo for delivering a super Discovery Lecture with some really stunning pictures to look at and discuss. Lottie Gross asked Jo why and how she got involved in saving the planet. Jo explained how she had been inspired by her science teachers when she was at school. Jo is now the Environmental Sustainability Manager at Oxford City Council and Programme Director for the OxFutures programme. How will you be inspired?

Wrap up warm for a lecture in December on ‘Christmas in the Trenches’ with Mr Sanders. Hot
chocolate will be served up with some amazing stories of what it was like to be cold, wet and far from home in 1914.

Report by Sophie Banks