Jeremy Banks

Headmasters’ Blog

Swedish drill, marching and designing of propaganda posters will never form part of an entry exam to senior school, but this week’s Enrichment Week has offered all this and more. It’s our view that the cultural depth and connections that are fostered during these ‘off-timetable’ weeks is well worth the organising and planning. My thanks go to Mr. Sanders and other staff who have organised our World War One themed Enrichment Week for Forms III to VI.It is interesting that, having completed a number of these weeks, we now know that some children struggle to get to grips with a week of school that is so fluid from one activity to the next. Giving the children the opportunity to break out of the normal routines is potentially so inspiring and Enrichment Weeks are here to stay! By now you will have experienced the new format for form teacher/tutor consultations. It will not surprise me if there are tweaks to be made with hindsight as there is such a shift for those of you with children in Form III and above. Openness and clarity are two words that frame the ambition behind Thursday afternoon and I hope you have enjoyed the tour, the engagement with your child over their work and even a school tea. It was a pleasure to have lunch with the Pre-Prep on Wednesday and to see how comfortable they are with the choices they face over the food. This time last year there would only have been one choice and this feels almost Dickensian by comparison! Well done to those of you who supported the Club Matches. I admit to finding such Club (House) matches rather nervy as the children tend to be very much ‘up’ for the encounters and I worry that there may be an injury. You may be the same, but the house matches at Uppingham were ferocious. I distinctly remember beating Highfield in the final of the house hockey with blood streaming down my leg having slid along the old shale pitch! Half term is now upon us and I wish you all a restful break with your children.
Jeremy Banks, Headmaster