Mary's Meals

We raised an amazing £15500 for Mary’s Meals

The final total for our Mary’s Meals Charity Challenge was an incredible £15,500 – thank you to everyone for all their hard work fundraising.  We are delighted to tell you that the school where our kitchen is to be built is Thola Primary School, Karonga, Northern Malawi. The children, staff and volunteers at the school are delighted with our support and send a very special thank you of their own. The school currently has 663 pupils. Mary’s Meals began feeding there in May 2014. Due to the start of the rainy season the build is delayed and the projected completion date is currently January 2015. Our fundraising will be used to pay for the cost of building and equipping the kitchen where the children are fed each day and the cost of feeding the children for one school year. The kitchen is a brick built construction consisting of 1 main cooking area with 2 small locked storerooms. In one they keep the firewood for the stoves and in the other they keep the food and utensils. The kitchen will be fully equipped with stoves, pots, serving equipment, mugs and spoons. Sadly many schools in Malawi don’t have enough classrooms for the amount of children enrolled so as part of our kitchen build, there will also be a wall mounted blackboard so that it can double up as a classroom when cooking is finished for the day. The kitchen will be named and display a sign with ‘Mary’s Meals Centre – Thola’ and our school motto Conemur Tenues Grandia – ‘Though we are small we achieve great things’.We should shortly receive photographs of the children receiving their daily meal in the temporary kitchen and will keep you updated with the build’s progress.
Report by Verity Sanders