st edwards

St Edward’s Academic Challenge

On Monday four enthusiastic Form IV pupils represented Beachborough at the annual St Edward’s Academic Challenge. It’s the first time Beachborough has been represented and the day was a huge success. The morning split into four sessions on Arabic, Economics, Drama and Science and the afternoon zoomed by with a lecture from Children’s Philosopher Roger Sutcliffe. In the afternoon we had a lecture on philosophy. Philosophy means ‘study of wisdom’ as philo means ‘study of ’ and Sophia means ‘wisdom’. The questions we considered looked like there was an obvious answer, but when we looked into it we realised that each answer had pros and cons. One of the questions we were asked (and the one I liked the most) was “would you rather live forever, make metal into gold, be invisible when you wanted to be, or always make the best choice in life?” I eventually decided to go for “always making the best choice in life”. Report by Dan Gross