New Beachborough Kindles

The Learning Zone has expanded its library for reluctant/ less-confident readers and those with learning difficulties, and now includes eBooks.Here are some details about the Books:
• Vampires Inc is a series of short (fewer than 50 pages) chapter-book fiction. These scary (but not gory) stories are set in Brighton and follow the adventures of a pair supernatural crime investigators. We also have a print-copy set of this series There are eight titles in the
• Snapshots is a series of ten non-fiction titles covering topics such as Animation, Great Battles, Comics, The Forces and Superheroes.• The eBooks have been downloaded onto the Learning Zone’s 4 kindles and 2 iPads. When not being used in Learning Zone lessons, these devices can be borrowed by pupils to use in Independent Study sessions.
• The eBooks have also been stored on the Beachborough Intranet. They can be found in Shared Documents (Parents Documents), in the Learning Zone folder. The eBooks are available in a number of different formats to enable their use on a variety of devices.
• The school’s licence allows for eBooks to be downloaded, stored and viewed on devices at the homes of pupils enrolled at Beachborough school, to be used by pupils and their parents/carers. They should not be sold, distributed, loaned, shared or lent to any other
person or establishment, and should not be printed.New beachborough kindles
We have also purchased two new series of print books which will be used in Learning Zone sessions and will soon be made available for loan to pupils through the Learning Zone library.
• Dangerous Games is an exciting range of sixteen graphic-novel style titles, featuring a trio of computer games designers testing out their work for real, entering new virtual worlds and encountering exciting and sometimes deadly situations.
• All Star High is a series of ten short (fewer than 50 pages) chapter-books. These stories follow the exploits of a pupils at All Star High, the coolest school in the UK; where pupils are so desperate to attend they audition for a place! Wannabe actors, singers and dancers
attend the school in the hope that they will become the next big thing.
Report by Joanna Gavriel