Form VI proudly present ‘The Tempest’

Form VI brought their Shakespeare project to a triumphant conclusion last night with an excellent performance of The Tempest. One parent, who has seen a number of these plays over the years, commented that in her opinion it was the best yet.

Certainly it looked beautiful: Mrs Oram and her helpers had dressed the cast superbly. Mr Phillips operated the sound effects and lighting with his usual expertise; his earth-shattering thunderclaps attracted special comment! As always with a Shakespeare project, the children had found preparing for the production quite a challenge; but the success of the evening showed how much talent there is in the year group. It is impossible to mention them individually in this space, but special mention must go to Adam Loader, who as Prospero had to learn a phenomenal number of lines, and Charlie Ford, who was excellent as Caliban, and whose enthusiasm and commitment to the production was exemplary throughout. Another major feature of the play was the music: Venetia Moir playing her recorder, and Emily Banks, Emma Davies and Tilly Howard singing difficult music beautifully. My congratulations to everyone involved: well done, and thank you.
Report by Nigel Timms