Emilia wins National IAPS Trampoline Championships

On Saturday 17th May Emilia Havard represented Beachborough at the 2014 IAPS Trampoline Championships. There were 73 girls in the Under 11 competition from 12 different schools. Each girl had to perform two ‘10 bounce routines’, a set routine for the competition and a voluntary routine which could be any 10 skills up to a maximum tariff rating of 5.0. Emilia performed the ‘set’ routine superbly. However, the girl who had beaten Emilia last year was also in her group and after the set routine had a higher score than Emilia. Then came a nail-biting wait for the voluntary routines. Again, Emilia delivered a great routine with multiple somersaults. Despite a strong performance from her closest rival, Emilia’s second routine score saw her take the lead. The next hour and a half was equally as tense as we watched the final group of Under 11 girls perform; frantically doing mental Maths to determine whose scores were getting close to Emilia’s. Although one other competitor looked equally as strong, a mistake in her set routine cost her dearly and put her out of the race. As the final few girls performed it became clear that Emilia’s score was not going to be beaten and it was fantastic to see her take 1st place on the podium as the Under 11 Girls National IAPS Trampoline Champion. A great day as Beachborough now has its first ever Trampoline Champion, thanks to the hard work and 8 hours of training a week that Emilia is committed to. We wish her every success in her next competition where she performs as Number One in the East Midlands at the G.B. National Competition in Exeter. Report by Julie Smith