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Headmaster, Christian Pritchard, writes the weekly Headmaster's blog post. 

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Headmaster's Blog | 9th November 2018

It has been an exciting week of ‘firsts’ for me at Beachborough. I enjoyed my first whole school bonfire and fireworks evening on Monday night and I led the school through my first Remembrance service today. Both events were memorable and special, but for very different reasons…

The camaraderie, community spirit and exciting energy displayed on Monday night was as bright and fun filled as the fire and fireworks! By contrast, the reflective, caring, compassionate atmosphere of today’s Remembrance service reminds me again of how wonderfully remarkable our school and its children are.

A huge thank you to Lisa Ruggles and the BA team for all their hard work organising the fireworks evening.

In this newsletter edition, we once again, share with you the myriad of events, activities and achievements that have taken place during the week.

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Wishing you all a very enjoyable weekend.

Christian Pritchard

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